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Increase Your Home's Resale Value with Doug Fir Flooring

January 7, 2015 by | David | There have been 0 comments

Every house should have that “home sweet home,” element, cultivating a cozy, comfortable and welcoming space. However, these elements can also support your home as an investment. As you make long term renovation plans, keep wood flooring in mind—it will increase your home’s resale value and enhance its appeal.

The experts agree: Eighty-two percent of realtors surveyed by the National Wood Flooring Association confirmed that homes with hardwood floors sold for more money and were bought faster than those without the feature. When potential buyers walk through a home and see carpeting, linoleum, or composite, they see another addition to their to-do lists. When they are met with wood flooring, however, they see an investment piece already in place.

Douglas fir flooring offers longevity that you just can’t get with other materials. The wood ranks a solid 660 on the Janka hardness scale, meaning that it is resilient to the normal wear and tear of daily life. Many homes throughout the country feature Doug Fir flooring that was installed over a century ago, yet still continues to maintain its durability. While you can safely put Doug Fir flooring in the investment category, you can just as easily consider it as an added bonus to your home that exudes character and sophistication for decades to come.

If you’re looking to increase your property value and embrace eco-friendly flooring options, FSC-certified or reclaimed lumber offers an attractive solution. These varieties of wood are responsibly harvested and sustainably sourced to impart a minimal impact on our planet’s forests. Buyers are increasingly seeking homes that are environmentally responsible. FSC-certified flooring bears the stamp of sustainable forestry.

As you plan your next home improvement project, it’s important to consider your home’s value both now and down the road.

Get in touch today to preserve the warm, welcoming characteristics of your house and make an investment that is guaranteed to pay off with Altrufir’s fir wood flooring.

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