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  • Douglas Fir Trim Packages

    Posted on April 18, 2012 by Nicole

    We know it can be difficult to commit to buying all the trim you need for your project at once. The cost can be overwhelming. When you order your Douglas fir trim package all at once, you save money and time. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, really.

    CVG Dougls Fir Trim | Altrufir Douglas Fir Flooring & Lumber

    1x10 CVG Douglas Fir Trim

    When you order all of your Doug fir trim at the same time, you get peace of mind knowing your product will have the similar grain appearance – it comes from the same stock. You also get a fatter wallet since you won’t have to cover the cost of shipping that comes with each individual order. All it takes to order a Douglas fir trim package is preparation. Here’s how you can do it at AltruFir:

    First, pick your Douglas fir trim package

    There are many possible combinations when it comes to picking a Doug fir trim package. Order both stair treads and stair risers if you’re revamping the staircase or basement stairwell. Add pizzazz to your interior windows and doors with a CVG Douglas fir trim package – the CVG is perfect for highlighting fine door casings and window sills.

    There are Douglas fir baseboard and ceiling trim packages as well to help define your interior space no matter your home’s aesthetic. For instance, classic crown molding elevates the décor of any dining space. Replacing thin worn-out base & shoe molding with a new set of Doug fir molding and baseboard protects your walls and takes them up a notch.
    And it bears repeating that when you order all your Doug fir lumber at the same time, you’re product will be more uniform in appearance (something that is unlikely to happen when orders are placed separately over a span of time). You may only have the time, for instance, to replace your window sills room-by-room, weekend-by-weekend, but knowing that you’ve got your Doug fir trim package ready and waiting for the next go-around saves you from having to order the next set of supplies and then having to wait for them to ship…again.

    Second, get a custom profile for your trim

    Getting all your Douglas fir trim can be a tall order, but when you have to consider special profiles for your trim and moulding it can add to the apprehension you might feel about getting everything at once. Luckily, AltruFir can handle your custom profiles order. There are too many profiles to count, or list on our website, but we can mill material to whatever specifications you need, so just let us know.

    Knowing exactly how much to order for your project and specs – including overage – can be a tedious task. Rely on us to help.

    Contact AltruFir – we can help you crunch the numbers and ensure you’re getting all the material you need for your Douglas fir trim and moulding package.

    - Nicole Morales

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