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The Lowdown on Responsibly Harvested Douglas Fir

March 27, 2015 by | David | There have been 0 comments

You wouldn’t fill your home with unethically sourced furniture—shouldn’t the wood you choose for your floors and DIY projects get the same treatment? Undeniably, there’s a right way and a wrong way to find harvested Douglas fir. At Altrufir, it’s the only way we operate. Check out how and we choose our wood:

Roots in the Northwest

Douglas fir is currently one of the most prevalent species in the Pacific Northwest. But in order for it to maintain its abundance, there must be a concerted effort to responsibly and sustainably harvest it. When done properly, forest management is actually one of the best ways to keep a forest thriving.

This practice is called silviculture, and is designed to cultivate sustained yield. In short, clearcutting (the traditional method of logging in which all trees in an area are removed in one go) no longer cuts it in logging due to the ecological damage it causes. Instead, we must turn to more responsible and sustainable methods of logging in order to preserve the Douglas fir as a natural resource.


Commitment to Responsible Foresting Techniques

When trees are selectively cut, it gives the forest room to regenerate and grow. It’s also one of the best ways to maintain a balanced and healthy ecosystem. Most states have adopted laws that support the practice of sustainable forestry.

For example, The Oregon Board of Forestry defines sustainable forest management as the use of methods so that environmental resources are “developed, and protected at a rate and in a manner that enables people to meet their current environmental, economic, and social needs.” This method also sets a precedent for future generations to be able to provide for their needs.


Buying Douglas Fir Ethically

One of the best ways that you can support a nationwide commitment to responsible forestry is by using your purchasing power as a consumer. Choose FSC Certified Douglas fir for your next project. This certification system ensures that wood materials hail from responsibly managed forests that offer environmental, economic, and social benefits. As a result, you’ll get building material that is as beautiful as it is environmentally friendly. Sustainable timber prices are reasonable and are friendly to budgets of all sizes.


AltruFir gives our customers access to exceptional materials while supporting the sustainable harvesting of Douglas Fir. Invest in the long-term health of our forests and join us in supporting responsible timber harvesting in the Pacific Northwest.

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