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Q: Why do you just sell Douglas Fir Products?  

A: Why not? Our goal is quality.  AltruFir started when we noticed it was very difficult to find a quality product in the marketplace.  AltruFir is a unique division of AltruWood, Inc.  AltruWood sells other products, but in this division, we keep it simple.  In that regard, we are able to focus on quality.  The AltruWood® brand name is synonymous with quality and service; we bring those same attributes to AltruFir.  

Q: Where are you located?  

A: We work in the heart of Douglas Fir Country -- beautiful Portland, Oregon. If you feel your shipping quote is too high, call us at 855-944-5247 and we'll see if we can do better for you.  

Q: How long does it take to get my product?  

A:  Generally, all product ships in 1 - 2 weeks. Sometimes we can do better if you tell us we need to. Upon receiving your order, we notify you to discuss ideal arrival dates. We try our hardest to accommodate your needs.  Please see our shipping page for more detail.  

Q: Do I have to place my order for Fir Flooring online.

A: No. Feel free to call us at 877-661-6109 and we can take your order over the phone.

 Q: How tight is tight grain? 

A: Tight grain implies at least 12 rings per inch and often tighter. This represents the average across the board. The grain can range from very tight grain to loose grain. We source and separate our material by tightness of grain. This helps insure our clients get the product they are looking for.  Feel free to browse our CVG Fir Flooring to see our tight vertical grain flooring options.  

Q: Do you sell reclaimed and FSC Certified Flooring?  

A: Yes.  We are currently adding these products to our website.  If you do not see it on the website, give us a ring and we'll quote it for you.

Q: What do you look like?  

A:  Is this a real question?  We had some really amazing 1950's style portrait pictures taken.  Despite objections from people in the office, I am going to post them.  Stay tuned.  

Q: How often do you change your prices? 

A: All the time.  We try to keep the inventory online up-to-date but tend to change our prices based on supply.  

David Steinberg

Another proud employee of AltruFir.